Buy-a-Chair Campaign

The “Buy-a-Chair” campaign was orchestrated by John Mack, an active community leader, and four others in 1945 to raise funds to restore and maintain the Historic Russell School, as well as to provide recreational and educational activities for the community. Many individuals and businesses contributed to the fundraiser by purchasing chairs (most still present in the Historic Russell School) for $3.50.


Original “Buy-a-Chair” Contributors (1945)

                                 Ray’s Funeral Home                                The Owen Justice’s                                   Mr. Ball

                             The John Macks                                       Pleasant Green Church                            Prison Camp

                             D. N H Cordice                                          M. S. Walker                                              The J. Turners

                             The J. L. Moffitts                                      Mt Calvary Church                                    W. T. Jones Studio

                              E. Jones Funeral Home                          The G. W. Walkers                                    The J W Williams

In celebration of our 90th anniversary, we invite you to support the Historic Russell School by purchasing a “virtual” chair in the amount of $90.00 for individuals and $350.00 for corporations. Your name and/or corporation will be immortalized in the Historic Russell School on a plaque and on our virtual wall.

You may also purchase a “virtual” chair “In Memory of” or “In Honor of”. Funds raised will support operational and administrative activities, community events, and restorative projects.

The Friends of Russell Rosenwald School is a 501(c)3 organization, all donations are tax deductible.

Click here to purchase a chair online or mail a check to Friends of Russell Rosenwald School,
Post Office Box 73036, Durham, NC 27722.

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“Thank You for Keeping the Legacy Alive”

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